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There is a famous saying that says, “Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations.” But the question is, can a home really exceed your expectations?

For us at VTP Realty, expectations are benchmarks that ought to be surmounted. And help us create better living spaces for all._ From the moment, you set your eyes on VTP Celesta, you’ll understand why it goes beyond expectations. It’s unlike any residential space you’d have seen. Designed by the world-renowned architect – Reza Kabul, VTP Celesta offers an abode translating to a 3 bed luxury apartment, where the word ‘space’ is offered just the right space.Look out of the window and be amazed by the fact that three sides are open. Look a little further out, and discover a landscape of forest that stretches till the sky. There are many more such things at VTP Celesta.

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