VTP Realty Brings Coveted Lifestyle Brands Namely Star Market and Abs Fitness and Wellness Club

True to its promise of getting the best brands as neighbours to Undri, VTP Realty has started signing the deals. India’s leading hypermarket chain, Star Market and a sought-after brand in fitness – Abs Fitness & Wellness Club have already tied up with VTP Realty. This is for their upcoming project at Undri Chowk, Pune – Destination VTP Urban Nest.

The destination has starting take shape. The construction for all the residential towers and the two commercial towers namely Trade Park and The MarketPlace is going on in full swing. Located on Undri’s arterial Katraj-Hadapsar Bypass Road, these two commercial centers are a part of VTP Urban Nest and together form an eye-catching grand frontage of 750 feet (228.6 m).

Abs Gym occupies an area of 5000 sq. ft. (464.51 sq. m.) and Star Market a space of 10,000sq. ft. (929.03 sq. m.). Abs Gym and Star Market are conveniently situated at the Trade Park (a part of VTP Urban Nest, a 9 acre fusion) which is a modern day commercial complex housing boutique offices, high-end retail and lavish showroom spaces. Many millennials today work-from-home, travel short distances by bike and put a lot of importance on experiences as they live communally and share a lot,both online and offline. This community living concept lets you move easily from gyming to entertaining friends to even hosting business meetings under one roof. The whole shift of how people are perceiving home buying and utilizing their spaces points towards convenience and that is what VTP Realty is offering through VTP Urban Nest.

Driven by the IT Boom in East Pune; Undri has seen tremendous development in the recent years. The best schools of Pune are housed in this area too. What’s missing is some good entertainment and shopping options for which the residents have to travel to neighbouring locales like; Wannowrie and NIBM. Mapping this gap, VTP Realty conceived VTP Urban Nest and is building it as a self-sufficient project where the best brands of shopping and entertainment are being brought, addressing the needs of not just the Urban Nest residents but also to people staying in the vicinity.


Apr 24 2017

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