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Delivering unmatched quality, attention to detail and transparency in our processes and operations, VTP Realty is a benchmark of trust, commitment and care. Our pioneering approach, rich history and focus on caring about you during and beyond the purchase of a new home makes us not only a partner in your dream home but also a dependable friend helping you every step of the way.


Combining science and art to maximize returns. We draw on decades of construction experience to ensure that each of our property fulfills all aspects on the buyer’s checklist. Of all the factors that affect a purchasing decision, we know that the biggest factor is the actual space you get in your new home, the livable space. And so, at the core of our imaginative design philosophy is a mission to utilise every square foot to the fullest, while maintaining an aesthetic and utilitarian balance. It’s what we call the Optimized Living Area.



Buildings are in our DNA. We have had a long presence in the construction business: 3 decades to be precise. With this vast experience, and owing to our access to best quality materials, technology and skilled labour through our Group companies, we ensure a superior quality for your home, with no delays and no extra costs. In other words, you get timely possession of your home, and it comes with a vastly enhanced living experience. VTP Realty ensures a better build and a better quality product, at a competitive market price.



Our buildings have built our reputation, and our reputation has been built on your trust! We know that relationships are built on mutual care. Hence, our practices and policies are aligned to help you on your journey from purchase to possession and beyond, while our unique payments slabs ensure that you get the maximum value for money. To help you settle down in your new VTP home, we organize various group activities for the first six months. And for investors, VTP Realty can also help in the leasing and re-sale of the property.


Industry Recognition

Our aim is always to delight our customers; along the way, we’re winning kudos from within the industry as well.


Emerging Residential Developer of the Year (VTP Realty) - 2016

Realty Plus Awards

Emerging Commercial Developer of the Year (VTP Realty) - 2016

Realty Plus Awards

Affordable Housing Project of the Year (Bhagyasthan) - 2016

Realty Plus Awards
  • Emerging Residential Developer of the Year
  • Emerging Commercial Developer of the Year
  • Affordable Housing Project of the Year
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Contractor of the Year (Viraj projects) - 2016

Golden Bricks Awards, Dubai
  • Contractor of the Year (Viraj Projects)
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Budgeted Housing Project of the Year (Bhagyasthan) - 2016

Golder Bricks Awards, Dubai

Best practices in Customer Care (VTP Realty) - 2016

Navbharat RBA Awards
  • Budgeted Housing Project of the Year
  • Best Practices in Customer Care
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